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About CIBTvisas

CIBTvisas has become the largest travel visa and passport company in the world. With over 55 years of experience CIBTvisas is the fastest and easiest way to obtain travel documents. CIBTvisas customers include individual travellers, employees of the world’s largest corporations, customers of cruise lines, tour operators, and travel management companies. CIBTvisas operates over 70 offices in 26 countries including processing offices located in major cities throughout Canada covering every consular jurisdiction.

How Can CIBT assist with your upcoming Trip?

CIBTvisas has the tools, experience, and global network necessary to effectively reduce the time associated with obtaining travel documents. The CIBTvisas solution includes the following:

 Unmatched Speed – Fast and Efficient service options

 Convenient Solutions - Tiered service options catered to all types of travellers (ask about our Concierge, Pre-check or Document Preparation services)

 Mobile Compatibility Solutions for travellers with a busy schedule  ask about digital photo upload services and mobile visa order processes

 Preferred / Discounted Pricing  To obtain discounted rates, please visit the Custom Portal below

Custom URL: click here to access your secure CIBT webpage and select your travel office

Core Services

Business and Tourist Visas / Legalizations / Invitation Letters / Evisas, ETA’s and ESTA’s / Global Immigration support

CIBTvisas Database

We protect your personal information with PII protection system, electronic transfers are securely uploaded and downloaded

Proprietary Database – CIBTvisas provides you with a customized CIBT Application Kit that includes precise, easy-to-follow instructions, requirements, and all necessary application forms needed to obtain your travel visa or passport.

Real-time Order Tracking – Our online tracking tool allows you to view real time tracking of your application click here

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International Entry Requirements and Travel Visa

Learn about the latest International Entry Requirements as COVID-19 has transformed international travel and each country has implemented unique entry requirements. These requirements are changing constantly.

Visit the CIBT Website here and click on the COVID-19 tab for more details

CIBTvisas offers the most up-to-date and accurate information on what is required to enter safely and securely the most frequented destinations in global travel. 

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